Researcher Omar Sadr

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Dr. Omar Sadr is a Researcher at the Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies. His primary research interests are laid in the intersection of culture and politics. He has written his doctoral thesis on ‘Negotiating Cultural Diversity in Afghanistan’ at South Asian University, New Delhi.



  • Cultural Diversity
  • Nationalism
  • Identity Politics
  • Multiculturalism
  • Critical Thought
  • Postcolonial Theory
  • History, Culture and Society of Afghanistan


He worked as Academic Assistant at the National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR), Kabul University.


Chapters in Edited Books:

‘Rethinking Stability for Afghanistan: Socializing Great Powers in a Multilateral Order’, in Rajen Harshe and Dhananjay Tripathi (eds.), Afghanistan Post-2014: Power Configurations and Evaluating Trajectories, London and New Delhi: Routledge, 2015.

‘Afghanistan: the Vulnerabilities of Minorities’, in Sajjad Hassan (eds.) South Asia State of Minorities Report- 2016: Mapping the Terrain, Delhi: Books for Change, 2016.

‘Mahmud Tarzi: Intellectual and Reformist’, in Dev N Pathak and Sanjeev Kumar H.M. (eds.), Modern South Asian Thinkers, Delhi, forthcoming.

Articles and Papers:

‘Understanding War in Afghanistan: Politics, Culture and Social History’, Fair Observer, 14 October 2014,

‘The Politics of Literary Censorship in Afghanistan’, Fair Observer, 1 July 2014,

‘Presidential Election in Afghanistan and Construction of National Discourses’, 8Subh, Kabul, 17 June 2014,

‘A Critique to Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani’s Proposed Foreign Policy’, 8Subh, Kabul, 11 June 2014,

‘Afghanistan Islamic Movement and its Impact on Political Stability of the Country’, Research Articles of Manfred Worner Award Winner 2010, National Centre for Policy Research, 2012

‘Human Rights of Addicted Person’, Essay Collection: Drug Addiction, National Centre for Policy Research, 2011

‘Role of Civil Society in the Peace Process of Afghanistan’, Essay Collection, National Centre for Policy Research, 2011

‘Conflict Sensitive Journalism’ (Trans.), Essay Collection: Media: Liberty and Responsibility, National Centre for Policy Research, 2011

Book Reviews:

Rawayat Shar Wa Sekast: Barasi Marg Wa Beradarsh  [Narrative of Evil and Defeat: Review of Death and its Brother Novel by Khosraw Mani], Zameenmag, 27 December 2017,

Khaneshi Az Kar Du Roshanfeker  [A Reading of Two Intellectuals: Ismail Akhbar and Rangin Sepanta], Etilaatroz, 22 December 2017,