Herat Security Dialogue II

Logistical Information

Held on: 4-6 October 2013

Herat Security Dialogue II

4-6 October 2013

Logistical Information



Based on inaugural Herat Security Dialogue (October 2012)’ successful experience, the AISS will work closely with the Afghan government security agencies through the office of National Security Council in order to provide the best possible security arrangements and preparation for the conference. The AISS will also consult with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) both in Herat and Kabul for technical cooperation and assistance prior and during the conference. AISS’ internal security team will also be deployed to Herat as well as a reliable private security firm. In addition to HSD1, the city hosted 17th meeting of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)’s Foreign Ministers in 2007, as well as receiving regular high level international visitors.

Local authorities, including governor office, provincial security agencies, municipality, chamber of commerce, Herat University, civil society and media outlets will be mobilized to help with the conference, as they did with the previous meeting.

Flight Arrangements


The AISS will cover travel expenses of a select number of the participants. The flight arrangements include international flight to/from Kabul and domestic flight to/from Herat. There are four daily flights between Kabul and Herat (one hour flight time). There are two options for booking flights: Direct booking by the participant and then being reimbursed by the AISS or booking by the AISS. In both cases, the AISS will cover only economy class tickets, upon receiving necessary bills (for direct booking). The AISS’ representative will be presence at the Kabul international airport to help with the transfer to Herat flight.

Arrangements for Covering Participants’ Expenses


Category A:
AISS covers all conference-related expenses, including international and domestic flights (Economy Class), accommodation, transportation, visa fee and hospitality. This applies only to principal guest/invitee.

Category B:
AISS covers all expenses, except international flight.

Category C :
The participant is required to pay for the cost of the conference per head as follows:
Afghanistan-based participant: US$1000. 00 (one thousand US dollar) AISS will cover all expense similar to category B.
nternational Participant: US$1000.00 plus the cost of international flight.

Category D:
Interested participants are required to pay the premium rate of US$5000.00 (excluding international flight). There is a limited number for this category and will be allocated based on the basis of first-come-first-served.
The AISS will determine the criteria for the application of each category.



There are sufficient and good hospitality, conference and transportation facilities in Herat for organizing an international conference. The participants will be staying in Herat’s two leading hotels (average ***). There will be also arrangement for accommodation in Kabul for those who need to be in Kabul.



Upon receiving confirmation, the AISS will notify relevant Afghan embassy/consulate for their assistance in issuing visa to the participant. The AISS will cover the cost of Afghan visa.

Cultural Program


On the evening of Friday 4th October, there will be a musical concert in one of Herat’s historical monuments. During Friday 4th and Monday 7th October, the AISS will organize cultural sightseeing tours of the city.

For any logistical issues, you may contact our colleague Mr. Shahrukh Noyan at (herat.dialogue@aiss.af/ or herat.dialogue@gmail.com).