Elite Pashtoons and Democratic Governance


By Eisa Khan Ayoob Ayoobi

The absence of a real democratic milieu in Afghanistan has sustained the vicious cycle of ethnic superiority. Pashtun elites have vested interest in maintaining this status quo, and to do so, they mock democracy.

The Transcending Pashtun Elites (TPEs) from the past are pulling Afghanistan backward

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Afghanistan’s Peace Puzzle: Why Nothing Moves Forward?


By Dr. Yaqub Ibrahimi

Despite the United States’ exacerbation of pressures on Pakistan and the Taliban, and the National Unity Government (NUG)’s efforts for opening a negotiation gate with the Taliban, there is no sign of progress on the ground. President Donald Trump’s strategy in Afghanistan (released in August 2017) and the United States&rsqu

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Reviewing Taliban Narratives


By Omar Sadr

Taliban Narratives, by Professor Thomas Johnson, explores Taliban and U.S. communication cultures by analyzing narratives, propaganda, and stories between 2001-2011. Johnson decodes the Taliban’s master narrative, information operations, target audience, and their p

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Mobile Money in Afghanistan - The Tech Revolution that Never Was


By Nafay Choudhury

In 2012, Time Magazine published an article on how “Afghanistan Is on the Leading Edge of a Tech Revolution”.[1] Mobile money, it was claimed, would fundamentally transform Afghan society from supposedly pre-modern conditions to one where average citizens would be connected with the wider fina

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How Economic Growth Can Help Defeat Terrorism in Afghanistan


By M. Ashraf Haidari

Syria, North Korea, and Yemen have largely dominated headlines. But Afghanistan also remains in the global conscience. If anything, the much-needed international focus on the campaign against the Taliban has outlined how difficult the fight has become, despite our steady military gains. Frustrated with what many are mistakenly calling a quagmire, internat

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