Germany: An Unsure Power in Conflicts




Friday, June 6, 2014

Dr Davood Moradian

Germany offers the world legendary philosophy, art, music, industry and enterprise. Yet unlike its towering reputation for these noble attributes, Germany does not have a distinctive foreign policy identity outside of Europe.

To paraphrase the title of Henry Kissinger’s book, Does America Need a Foreign Policy?, the question th

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AISS Research Fellow Richard Ghiasy Gives a Presentation at TEDx Kabul


December 5, 2013

“On 5 December 2013 AISS research fellow Richard Ghiasy gave a presentation at TEDx Kabul on the development potential of Afghanistan. He argued that Afghanistan is about to arrive at a critical socioeconomic juncture: the Afghan economy is unsustainable, and the Afghan youth risks an underemployed future. Yet, at the same time there is a convergence of external support – the international community’

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Afghanistan’s Complex Women’s Rights Discourse


By Dr. Davood Moradian


December 4, 2013


Are women’s rights and gender equality universal or culturally and geographically confined to the West? Are there certain cultures and political systems that are inherently misogynistic? Are the concerns of Western powers’ about women’s rights sincere or are they an instrumen

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AISS Host India-Afghanistan Security Dialogue


Various issues of bilateral importance were discussed during the half day long meeting, on top of the Agenda were bilateral military and security cooperation between Afghanistan and India. In addition to it a number of other issues of bilateral importance were discussed during the course of the meeting.

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Italian MFA Delegates Visit AISS



The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a meeting between AISS director Dr. Davood Moradian and Italian’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Delegates, Mr.Fabrizio Bucci and Ms. Costanza. The meeting discussed mutual relationship between Afghanistan and Italy, upcoming 2014 presidential election and regional relationship.

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