AISS Held Round-table on “Role of Civil Society in Future Afghan Government”




On Thursday August, 7, 2014, Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) with cooperation of Counterpart International held a round-table discussion on “ Future Afghan Government and Role of Civil Society”. The discussion was attended by Afghan government officials, civil society activists, political experts, academia and media.

The discussion inaugurated with welcoming remarks of Director General of

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AISS Begins Mapping Afghanistan’s Corruption Terrain



Along with Somalia and North Korea, Afghanistan is nowadays considered as the world’s most corrupt country. A country where civil society’s clout is weak and divided; the economy is largely sustained by international aid; weak governance institutions have limited translucence and accountability mechanisms; and corruption potential is sustained by traditional norms and nepotistic underpinnings.

Subsequently, the Dep

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AISS Releases an Election-Related Book



Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies(AISS) published an election-related book titled ”Afghan Democracy: Opportunities and obstacles”. This book is consisted of different articles coming form different perception which mainly focus on the experiences of the last election and shed the light for the future.

The goal of the book is to contribute to the legitimacy of the presidential election and encourage wider and i

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AISS holds a Round-Table Discussion on “Conversation with Dr. Spanta: “National Unity Government: Structure and Priorities”



The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) organized a round-table discussion titled “Conversation with Dr. Spanta on, “National Unity Government: Structure and Priorities” in Kabul, as part of its Afghan presidential election program.

The round-table was attended by government officials, media, civil society activists, members of parliament, academia and Kabul-based international organizations.

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Afghanistan: Beyond Ethnic Politics and ‘Jihad Dividends’


Dr Davood Moradian

Afghanistan appears to be joining the group of countries that produce contested elections. Unlike the universally commended first round of the presidential election in which Afghan voters and security forces bled for democracy, the second round has resulted in the polarisation of Afghan society. A joint, skilful, patient and firm intervention from the international community could prove essential in salv

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