Iranian Scholars visited AISS


A group of Iranain Scholars comprising of Professors and Researchers from Allamah Tabatabai University of Tehran led by Professor Ghulam Ali Chegini visited Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS). This meeting was attended by Afghan Government Officials, Academics and AISS’ Senior Researchers. The meeting covered several issues in Afghanistan, such as: Educational Situation, Status of Higher Education, Economic Status and Security Sit

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AISS holds the second Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue


The second round of the Pakistan-Afghanistan Bilateral Dialogue was held in Herat on October 4, 2015, with the theme “Afghanistan-Pakistan Dialogue: Mapping Challenges and Opportunities”.

Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) organized the dialogue in collaboration with the Regional Peace Institute (RPI) of Pakistan.

The director general of the AISS, Dr. Davood Moradian, inaugurated the dialogue with the opening

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”Herat Security Dialogue IV” International Conference


The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) hosted the 4th Herat Security Dialogue (HSD-IV) in Herat, Afghanistan.

The two-day conference, held on October 2, 2015, was attended by scores of high-ranking government officials, legislators, academicians, businessmen, and representatives of different international organizations, media outlets and civil society.

The HSD series aims to challenge the conventional approaches

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AISS releases “Trends in radicalization across unregistered madrassas in Afghanistan” research report


AISS released the second of a series of papers dedicated to examining the trends in radicalization across the various sectors throughout Afghanistan. This paper is a comprehensive examination of the trends in radicalization across unregistered madrassas in Afghanistan.
The paper concludes three primary findings relating to religious tolerance and interpretation, as well as external linkages between transnational sources and madrassas. Read more

AISS Signs MoU with Kazakhstan’s Institute for Strategic Studies


The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies Under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The agreement provides a framework for the two institutes’ bilateral cooperation in the areas of joint research, publications, conferences and Scholars’ Exchange. The agreement was signed by the director of AISS, Dr. Moradian and Dr. Erl

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