New Year, new beginning for Afghan-US relations


Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah celebrated the ancient festival of Nawroz, the Afghan New Year, as they headed to Washington, DC – their first official visit to the US.

Ghani is scheduled to address a US Congress session – an opportunity that his predecessor Hamid Karzai also had in 2002 on his first official visit to the US. However, in contrast with the early excitement of Af

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نوروز و تعامل با مدرنیته


اشعه‌های نوروز پس از در نوردیدن حوزه نوروز و مقر سازمان ملل متحد امسال برای اولین بار به صورت نمادین کاخ سفید در واشنگتن را نیز تابان کرد. همزمان با رستاخیز جشن نوروز در سالهای پسین، نوای گوش خراش “نوروز ستیزی” هنوز هم از گوشه و کنار به گوش می

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Afghan Democracy and Western Hypocrisy


Afghanistan’s third democratisation experiment continues to be threatened by two issues that derailed them: a power struggle among the elites and external powers’ anti-democratic agendas.

Afghanistan’s 2014 presidential election revealed an impressive Afghan democratic constituency across all social, political and ethnic communities and the significant progress in the democratisation of Afghan political class and discourse.

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AISS–Chinese Embassy held Joint Seminar on “Governance”


The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) co-parted in a joint seminar with the Chinese Embassy in Kabul to discuss the concept of governance in China. The seminar brought together Afghan participants from the government, academia, media and political parties alongside Chinese diplomats. The Chinese Ambassador provided a summary of the book of Chinese President XI JINPING: The Governance of China.


AISS Director,

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AISS Conducts a two-day Training for Its Upcoming Projects




Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) organized a two-day training for its upcoming projects, “Radicalization Trends in Religious Madrassa’s in Afghanistan” and “Anti-Corruption Mapping in Afghanistan”. This training was attend by 15 field researchers from 12 provinces of Afghanistan. Importance of research, types of research and different sources of conducting a research, types of data collection

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