Afghanistan Reports



Dec 11, 2015 – Jessica Lewis

This map partially depicts areas of Taliban control and support and ISIS presence across Afghanistan as of December 10, 2015 as well as the status of district centers that have been attacked by Taliban militants in 2015. Some support zones depicted on the map exceed the bounds of the districts explicitly researched as part of this project. T

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The New Silk Roads: China, the U.S., and the Future of Central Asia


President Xi Jinping first presented China’s vision for a “Silk Road Economic Belt” during a 2013 speech in Kazakhstan. The idea was to “forge closer economic ties, deepen cooperation, and expand development in the Euro-Asia region”. In early 2015, the contours of Beijing’s strategy began to emerge as China’s leadership laid out plans for this “Silk Road Economic Belt” through Central Asia, and a “21st Century Maritime Silk

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Afghanistan Election Observation Mission 2014 – Report


By Democracy International

January, 2015

A new Democracy International report details findings from its international election observation mission to the 2014 Afghanistan presidential and provincial council elections. Given the prospect of a democratic and peaceful transfer of power, Afghans and the international community alike looked upon these elections as a critical opportunity to consolidate the gains made toward democ

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Afghanistan as Narco-State: End The International Drug War


By Doug Bandow

November 3, 2014

The U.S. government has failed to stop the drug trade at home. Washington also has not created a competent, effective, and honest central government in Afghanistan. How effective will Kabul be in limiting opium production when American troops go home?
Not much.
A new report from the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction reports that opium product

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The Afghan National Army: Sustainability Challenges beyond Financial Aspects


Antonio Giustozzi, Peter Quentin
May 2014


The ANA is commonly viewed as one of post-2001 Afghanistan’s strongest institutions, if not the strongest. However, with the imminent withdrawal of international forces, the ANA’s ability to stand on its own and successfully confront its enemies faces its first major test. This study shows that crucial weaknesses and flaws continue to undermi

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